“The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink.” T S Eliot

..chan fhaighear lorg air fhuil rim bheò.

..his blood will not be traced while I live. Hallaig, Sorley Maclean

 Welcome to Faclan 2015: The Hebridean Book Festival.

Faclan was founded in 2006 and now takes place during the celtic festival of samhainn – ‘beyond the equinox, the cusp of winter’. The theme this year is ‘Blood’.

If the brain is the cradle of the mind and the body the vessel of life, blood is humanity’s eternal river. Its metaphor spans life and death, healing and killing, the after-life and life-after deep loss: From medicine to murder to family, from the operating theatre to the theatre of war. Through the prism of literature and memoir we can see, understand and appreciate the spectrum of human experience more profoundly. And at Faclan, exceptional people on the frontier of study and practice are here to share it with us.

Roddy Murray

Founding Director, Head of Visual Arts & Literature

Thank you

Faclan only happens as a result of the hard work and commitment of the An Lanntair team and our network of partners and supporters. We are particularly grateful this year for the support and funding from Creative Scotland, Craignish Trust, Wellcome Trust and the Islands Book Trust. Thanks also go to Acair Books for their input and involvement in this year’s programme. The collective support of all these individuals and organisations has helped us create this year’s extraordinarily diverse and innovative programme. Thank you.

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